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Sep18本地啤酒介紹Double Haven Lager ABV: 4.5%

" Beer Flavoured Beer" Double Haven 為啤酒愛好者還原最純粹基本的Lager風味。酒體清爽帶有明顯的梳打餅麥香甜味,釀酒師使用的啤酒花亦為啤酒加添了水果及花香氣。這是一款容易入口,適合初嘗手工啤酒的朋友,同時配襯各種食物亦十分出色,絕對是任何時侯都適合飲用的Lager。

Double Haven Lager is a crisp, clean, cold-fermented beer with a slight biscuit malt sweetness that is balanced with lightly fruity and floral hops for an easy-going beer that pairs with any type of food.  This one is designed for those times when you just want a beer that tastes like…beer!

Malt: pilsner, amber, carapils Hops: polaris, hallertau blanc Yeast: from Weihenstephan in Germany

ABV:  4.5% / IBU:  18




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