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Aug 14本地啤酒介紹 - Carbon Brews Little Rich Lupulins v.6 Hazy IPA


所以,我哋決定每季都會推出不同版本嘅 Little Rich Lupulins,將最大膽嘅構想及新鮮嘅啤酒花擺入 Little Rich Lupulins 系列。務求帶比大家更有爆發力嘅 Little Rich Lupulins。

今次,我哋用左一款新嘅啤酒花 - HBC 630 。呢款 HBC 630 帶有豐富嘅熱帶水果、小紅莓乾、柑橘、西柚及檸檬嘅風味。

You may know that Little Rich Lupulins is the little brother of Crazy Rich Lupulins. However, our creativity never stops. We have some crazy ideas in our minds with a variety of different hops, we just don't have the chance to showcase it all in one go.

Therefore, we decided to launch a different version of Little Rich Lupulins each season! We will put our ground-breaking ideas and the freshest hops into this beer. Hope to bring you some excitement each season!

We used an experimental hop - HBC 630 in this batch which showcases intense tropical fruits, dried cranberry and red candy-like aromas and is well supported by secondary citrus notes like grapefruits and lemon zest.

Little Rich Lupulins v.6

ABV : 6.0%

IBU : 22

Hops : Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, HBC 630, Sabro, Nelson Sauvin

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